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Whether you’re looking to give your boat a brand-new shine or to simply clean off the dirt and grime, the right products can make all the difference. These products can help to protect your boat from corrosion, saltwater, UV rays and other environmental factors, while also providing a glossy, beautiful finish. The best boat products are those that are specifically designed for marine use, as they contain ingredients that provide superior protection against the elements. Additionally, they are formulated to be safe for any type of boat surface, including fiberglass, metal, and wood. From soaps and buffing compounds to waxes and sealants, here is a list of some of our partners whose products we use when detailing your boat.

Star Bright
Lake Country Manufacturing
Starke Yacht Care
Chemical Guys
The Rug Company
Davis Instruments
Invisible Glass
Buff and Shine
Griot's Garage
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