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Key West A day spent in the Florida Keys is a journey to heaven, whether for deep-sea fishing charters, snorkeling, diving activities, or simply enjoying the tropical backdrop of palm trees and crystal clear water. All this action is sure to leave you longing for a cold one. This post will highlight some of the best places to stay, islands to visit, and activities in the Lower, Middle, and Upper Keys. We highly recommend visiting these places by boat. The scenic beauty will have you astounded.

Lower Keys

The lower Florida Keys stretch from Key West to Sunshine Key, located at west end of Seven Mile Bridge, the final destination on the line. With tourist sites galore and boaters of all sorts strolling the local streets, Key West is undoubtedly the most famous island in the entire Florida Keys.

Here are a few places we highly recommend you visit:

Middle Keys

The Middle Keys begin from Long Key in the north and extend to the east end of the Seven Mile Bridge, which connects Knight's Key to Little Duck Key. If you want to explore the Florida Keys at a slower pace, this middle portion is frequently quieter than the highlights of Key Largo and Key West.

Middle Keys Check these places out when youre in the area!

Upper Keys

The Upper Keys, which stretch from Key Largo to Lower Matekumbe Key, are a favorite year-round destination for South Floridians who enjoy the benefits of the island's proximity to the mainland. The hordes of outfitters and advertising never let you forget that this is America's fishing and diving capital.

Be sure to hit up these places when you're in the Upper Keys:

As you may have already gathered, the Flordia Keys have much to offer in terms of cool, boat-accessible activities! You don't have to worry about not being able to find a boat to rent if you don’t have one. There are about 100,000 registered vessels plying the waters of Florida Keys and Miami-Dade counties, so if you're planning on visiting, you will be able to hit these spots without thinking twice!

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